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November 11, 2012
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Ahoy there, future self.

You probably found this letter whilst going through things to sell in a garage sale, or even moving out. You probably weren't expecting to be sitting down on your bed with a seedy smile on your face reading what your past thirteen year old self had once written, on that same bed you are sitting on. Do I need to go on? Or do you already know what I've written? Do I have to remind you what being a teenager was like, or do you already remember how insanely mind-boggling it is and it was that horrible that you will no matter what. Never, ever forget it?

Well, I'll start be reassuring a few things:

1. Don't stop loving Narwhals, they're awesome and if you have- shame on you. I'm disgusted.

2. You should chill out and have chocolate for breakfast. Because that's something adults don't do, and they should. It's the best feeling in the world. However since you being an adult.. you might have found other guilty pleasures. But I don't want to know. Or do I?

3. Despite everything that happens. Don't dump that boyfriend! Remember, even when you drop a guy - you are more emotional then the guy; you blubbering idiot.

4. Shutup and listen to people. You're ignorant and that's the thing I hate most about you. Take their advice, even if it seems like crap. Whatever happened to that risk-taking little teen?

I'm not sure how old you are at the moment, or even what year it is; but no matter what you do, don't drop the soap. Just don't. That rule never ever changes.

But I have some pointless questions to ask you that aren't going to be answered anyways; so what's the point in asking them? To find out if you remember what you went through as a teen and these daily questions you asked yourself but never got answers because you were insolent and stupid? Here goes:

1) Did you ever find that four-leaf clover? I mean seriously. Do they exist?

2) Did you stick with that boyfriend you had when you were a teen. You know, that guy that you'd do anything for, did you marry him in the end and have like a bajillion babies? C'mon, admit that you fantasized about it.

3) Are you a photographer? Or did I change my mind again, I really hope I didn't because If left art, what else would make me happy? If you aren't a photographer, then what are you?

It's pretty hard righting into the future not knowing a clue about what questions to ask, because it's well... in the future. But at the end of the day you have had the upper-hand because you've been alive longer and you're the wiser one. You can pretty much say; "Oh, you thought [blank] was a good idea? Are you stupid? That was the worst of them all." If the future has some sort of time machine, you should come back and be like "Hey bro, don't do that."

What year is it, 2018? Or something like that. Or are you like, wrinkly and unattractive now?

Well, I guess it's goodbye now future self.

Fair winds,
You're averagely confused thirteen year old self.

P.S DO you have kids? Did you name them that silly unique name that i thought of when I was a kid? Moca and Devon? No? They're hideous names? Alright, fair cop.

Ahoy there, future meby fika-with-alice

Contests / 2012 / Dear Teen Me / Teen©2012-2014 fika-with-alice
Well this is for the contest "Teen me." I'm thinking about entering more contests but I hope people like this.
xenonkeyblademaster Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
love it i should do one of these before i grow up
fika-with-alice Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Student Photographer
Thanks! :D
xenonkeyblademaster Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
your welcome
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